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It’s Tuesday. So here’s a dog that’s gonna be in that comic.
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Free hand micron drawing on my xbox 360, freshman year (2010) #illustration #art #bikini #icecream #cream #artschool #freshman
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I can’t believe I’ve been dating this beautiful woman for almost a year now. It seems like yesterday. Goode things happen to Goode people, I’ll always love you <3 #wcw #gf #weirdos #<3 #junglefever  @ginarotten
"Your job is not to create an illusion, it is to invoke reaction while expressing yourself."
The Maggots On Sheep.

Its interesting to see someone put their entire life on the line for others, and watch the ones who were protected be indifferent and uncaring. But the protectors felt it their jobs. What’s your fucking job than???

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Parkway Drive by Seelisch on Flickr.


sometimes i am so completely overwhelmed with my love for you it stops me dead in my tracks




oh my god

A headline I thought I would never read

Millions of damage
"I would move heaven hell and anything in between to get to you. You wouldn’t be safe anywhere if I was mad at you, and that’s not bold that’s truth. I’ve went up against people, you could pull a gun on me and if I’m mad at you I’m comin’ forward. You’d have to shoot me to stop me. And if you don’t kill me, you’re stupid. Because the next time you see me, I WILL kill you."
Richard Kuklinski, A.K.A The Iceman
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goofey sturts his stuff in the desert…. chek out his graet butt ;)
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Walk to Kendall was weird
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Me an meh niggas tryna gettit ya bish